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A Story Behind Everything

“However well satisfied you are with your own skill or intelligence, never forget how much there is that remains unknown to you.” -Imitation of Christ, Thomas à Kempis There’s so much we don’t know, so much we don’t see, so much we can’t understand. There is a story behind everything and we aren’t always privy… Continue reading A Story Behind Everything

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31-derful Years: A Marriage Made of Moments

Jodi Blazek ❤ Joseph Gehr, August 17, 1985 A Marriage Made of Moments  is a blog post I wrote for our 30th anniversary last year. For our 31-derful anniversary, I share a revised post with updated photos, new “moments” and fresh reflections… because a lot can happen in one year. A marriage is made of… Continue reading 31-derful Years: A Marriage Made of Moments

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Seeing With New Eyes

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. –Marcel Proust Photography is my hobby. Maybe a professional photographer would take issue with me for using the word “photography”.  I have no professional training. I haven’t taken any adult education classes, even though it’s on my want-to-do-that-one-of-these-days list. I… Continue reading Seeing With New Eyes

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Follow the Star: For the Directionally Challenged

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?  For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” ~Matthew 2:2 For the past four months we have lived off the radar, so to speak. We live in the city, but we can see the city limits boundary from… Continue reading Follow the Star: For the Directionally Challenged

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A Country Road Contemplative

I’m thrilled to have written a Monk in the World Guest Post at Christine Valters Paintner’s Abbey of the Arts website/blog. She is one of my favorite authors (The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom) and an inspiration for me to continue to learn more about creativity and prayer. My post, A Country Road… Continue reading A Country Road Contemplative

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The Same Two Trees

The same two trees   ~   different direction, distance, angle, lens  ~ a different result, image, perspective, outcome.  ~   So many ways to see    ~  the same two trees. The calm quiet strength of a tree Anchored deep in the earth Reaching high in the sky The calm quiet strength of a tree… Continue reading The Same Two Trees

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Every Little Thing!

Little things matter. A bunch of little things can make a difference, especially if it’s all the candy we eat in the weeks leading up to and following Halloween, which bumps into the weeks leading up to and following Thanksgiving…and then there’s all the Christmas parties… you get the idea. All the fun-sized, little snacks… Continue reading Every Little Thing!