About Me

SoulFully You and Being Benedictine by Jodi Blazek Gehr

Compulsive curator of images, information, and inspiration, high school Business teacher, SoulCollage® Facilitator, Benedictine Oblate of Christ the King Priory, Retreat leader at St. Benedict Center, lover of learning, reading, writing, spirituality, and creativity.

Half-Day, Full Day or Overnight SoulFully You Retreats are available for your church, organization or group.  To request information about hosting your own special program or retreat see a list of themes HERE.

If you have questions or comments about SoulCollage®, Benedictine spirituality, becoming an Oblate, jodi-picwriting a guest blog image-assetsoul collagepost or planning a retreat, just drop me a note.

Blessings, Jodi





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  1. Such happy memories! Can’t wait till I can attend another soulful event. Best of luck with your summer project.


  2. What an absolutely wonderful article! My brother, Emanuel Bartek, knows the Blazek’s well – Our dad, Ivan Bartek, farmed in Agnew, just 5 miles south of Val. We all attended Valparaiso School. Such great childhood memories. Thank you. Marilyn Bartek-Wadum

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