When you feel like you’re sinking, just float.

soul aloftWhen you feel like you’re sinking, just float.
Lie back and rest.
You will be held.

I love dreams. I love that I remember them. I’ve even asked for answers to problems to come to me in my dreams. And they have come. I also have surprise dreams that intrigue me. I love to think about the dream symbols, what they might Continue reading “When you feel like you’re sinking, just float.”

Standing in the Flow

priest archetype

I stand in the flow of God
The flow that rises the sun
the flow that grows plants
the flow that moves the river downstream
The flow of my breath going in, going out

© 2014 Jodi Gehr

Card name: I Stand in the Flow ~ Priest Archetype

Suffering: A New Level of Intimacy

Perhaps it is a paradox to follow writing about Your Inner Child, the importance of laughter, fun and looking through the eyes of a curious child, with a post about suffering and dying. But life is like that—days that are filled with humor, adventure and joy; followed by days of fear, avoidance, pain and grief; and then there are just plain, ordinary days. On the ordinary days, we long for something more exciting. In the midst of darkness, we would settle for the ordinary. Life is like that. It is natural to avoid pain and to seek comfort, but perhaps in controlling so many aspects of our lives—by numbing, avoiding, manipulating, quitting, leaving or even dying—we deny ourselves an intimacy with God and others. Continue reading “Suffering: A New Level of Intimacy”

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