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Every Little Thing!

Little things matter. A bunch of little things can make a difference, especially if it’s all the candy we eat in the weeks leading up to and following Halloween, which bumps into the weeks leading up to and following Thanksgiving…and then there’s all the Christmas parties… you get the idea. All the fun-sized, little snacks… Continue reading Every Little Thing!

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A Marriage Made of Moments

Jodi Blazek ❤ Joseph Gehr, August 17, 1985 A marriage is made of moments. When you string them all together, you get a picture of a life built together. A marriage isn’t made, once and for all, when the I-dos are exchanged. A marriage is constantly being re-created; it is always in the process of… Continue reading A Marriage Made of Moments

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The Grandeur of God: Beholding and Becoming

Learning and Becoming  Never have I thought I’ve known it all (well, almost), but I am continually amazed how each new day or experience can bring fresh insights and deeper levels of understanding—in relationship with others, self and God. How is it that there is so much more to learn? to ponder?! to celebrate? to behold?!… Continue reading The Grandeur of God: Beholding and Becoming

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Signs on country roads…and in life.

I found some new country roads this weekend with lots of hills and curves and dead-ends and surprises. If people think Nebraska is flat, then they’ve never gotten off Interstate-80. I drove for miles seeing neither car nor person. I discovered roads that are closed (likely indefinitely); roads that are minimally maintained; roads with bends, turns… Continue reading Signs on country roads…and in life.

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Surrender to Surprise

It’s the little surprises I love: a windmill, a curve in the road, a small town that I didn’t know existed (happens all the time in rural Nebraska), a small cemetery or church, a calf nursing from its mother, a turkey crossing the road.
I can make a 90-minute drive closer to two hours, but it is so worth the time. Getting off the highway and onto gravel roads is one of the most prayerful experiences I have. The photos don’t capture the out-loud-to-myself aaaahs and ohs—but the joy of discovery, the surrender to surprise is unmatched.