Giving Up to Gain: Selling, Decluttering and the 68506

Phase one—Selling Our House: Surrender to Surprise!—was the decision to sell our house without knowing where we might move, trusting that our leap of faith would be an interesting exercise of self-awareness and surrender.

Phase two—Decluttering: Taking Off The Top Layer—was eye-opening. After a few weeks of the decluttering process—making decisions about what to throw, keep, donate or save—it became apparent that the last nine years had been ACCUMULATING years. I realized we had far more stuff than I thought.

Just put it in the basement     If we were paid a dollar for every time one of us said, “Put it in the basement”, we could pay our next month’s rent. Continue reading “Giving Up to Gain: Selling, Decluttering and the 68506”

Images of Faith: My Grandma and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Images are so powerful. They tap into the pool of memories, both personal and universal, that are deep within us. One image can be understood in so many ways—for different people, faiths and cultures or for the same person over time.

Today when the Sacred Heart of Jesus popped out at me in my Facebook news feed, memories of my grandma came flooding back. sacred heart of jesus 1

She had a framed image of the Sacred Heart between her living room and her kitchen. As a young child, I remember wondering why the heart had fire Continue reading “Images of Faith: My Grandma and the Sacred Heart of Jesus”

Living in the Fullness of God

Seeking solitude and quiet, I was drawn to an advertisement in the Lincoln journey to fullnessJournal-Star—“This retreat in the style of Zen involves breath practice.  In contemplative prayer, we divest our minds of all thoughts and images in order to receive the pure and simple light of God directly into the summit of our souls.”  Breathing as prayer.  Experiencing God directly.  These words spoke to me; they held promise.

That was in Continue reading “Living in the Fullness of God”

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