Sprigs of Rosemary

December 6-8, 2019Sprigs of Rosemary Retreat at St. Benedict Center, Schuyler, NE.

“Will you be my refuge / My haven in the storm, Will you keep the embers warm /  When my fire’s all but gone? Will you remember / And bring me sprigs of rosemary, Be my sanctuary / ‘Til I can carry on / Carry on.”–Carrie Newcomer, Sanctuary

Sanctuary was written by Carrie Newcomer after a conversation with her friend Parker J. Palmer.  She asked him, “What can we do when we are personally or politically heartbroken?” He responded that we take sanctuary. We gather with those we love.  We remember, we share stories or we sit in silence until we can go on. There is time for positive action, to do what needs to be done.  But there are also times when we rest in the arms of what most sustains us.

Take sanctuary this Advent with the Sprigs of Rosemary retreat, for time to creatively and prayerfully ponder what sustains us most and the significance of seeking, being and finding sanctuary. Lectio divina, walking the labyrinth, SoulCollage® card making and reading is a perfect Advent sanctuary.

To sign up for the retreat, send email to jodigehr@gmail.com.


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