SoulCollage® and the Environment…a collage opportunity!

My daughter, Jessica, is working on a project called “Soul Collage for Jessica becomingEnvironmental Politics”, using Soul Collage as a creative way to see how others view the environment. We would love to get your help and see the cards you might create!

Take as much or as little time as you would like to create a Soul Collage card that represents the environment and/or how you feel about how humans interact with the environment. You may take the prompt in whatever direction you choose.

After you create a card, email a picture and a few sentences that explains what it means to you:  OR

She will reflect on how others see the environment and the implications of those views. With your permission, we will share some of the cards contributed in a future post.

THANKS!! Jessica and Jodi ❤

Card name: Jessica Becoming

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