What is JOY?


joy 2I’m doing a little research on JOY for an upcoming retreat called The Joy of Creativity.  I’d love to hear what you think.

How do you define joy?

What brings you the deepest joy?

How do you cultivate joy?

What is the source of your joy?

Is there a difference between childhood joy and grown-up joy? Childhood Joy

Does creativity bring you joy? How?

Share your thoughts in the comments….or if you want to be anonymous use the Survey Monkey link.

If you need some ideas to get the juices flowing, here are some of my previous posts on  joy:

Your Inner Child  ~  Journey to Birth  ~ My Heart Overflows

Card name: Childhood Joy

JOY TO YOU!! Jodi ❤

3 thoughts on “What is JOY?

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  1. I think joy is a lot like bliss. I don’t know if I can cultivate it, because when it shows up, it’s so often a surprise. But perhaps you can try to set yourself up for it, by spending time with those you care about, doing things you want to be doing. I don’t think I’ve ever been surprised by joy when I was doing things I didn’t want to be doing with people I didn’t want to be with!

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