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The Fullness of Joy

The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything. –Julian of Norwich Life is a paradoxical journey, embracing joy and sadness, light and darkness, birthing and dying, God in all and God within.  This tension is held, sometimes with more trust than others. I find myself wondering in the tough times, is it really… Continue reading The Fullness of Joy

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Lessons I’ve Learned, Again: 2016 in Review

Happy New Year from SoulFully You! Thank you for subscribing to and sharing my posts during 2016. The SoulFully You website was birthed as a way to connect with those who practice prayerful creativity and who attend my retreats and workshops. The blog came along later when writing as an expression of creativity felt comfortable. Journaling is a… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned, Again: 2016 in Review


The Source of all our Joy!

In my last post I asked the question—“What is Joy?” The responses have caused me to think about joy in an expanded way. Thank you for your insightful, beautiful responses shared in italics below. There are many ways to look at joy…and that makes sense. Perhaps we describe joy based on our most recent or joy-filled experience. Perhaps our sense… Continue reading The Source of all our Joy!

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We are made in the image of God

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy” ~Rumi We are made in the image of God; we are created to create. Perhaps you doubt whether there is a creative bone in your body, but you would not be giving your Creator the benefit of the doubt.… Continue reading We are made in the image of God

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Signs on country roads…and in life.

I found some new country roads this weekend with lots of hills and curves and dead-ends and surprises. If people think Nebraska is flat, then they’ve never gotten off Interstate-80. I drove for miles seeing neither car nor person. I discovered roads that are closed (likely indefinitely); roads that are minimally maintained; roads with bends, turns… Continue reading Signs on country roads…and in life.


Cece: * A * * Snow * * Day * * Reflection * *

I think of Cece, our neighbor, often, but especially when we have “snow days”.  As a teacher, I benefit from our school district’s closure for inclement weather….today— “A WIND CHILL ADVISORY IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 12 PM TODAY AS -20° TO -25° WIND CHILL COULD CAUSE FROST BITE WITHIN MINUTES AND HYPOTHERMIA. STAY INDOORS AND… Continue reading Cece: * A * * Snow * * Day * * Reflection * *

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Linger in the 12 Days of Christmas

We are still in the midst of the Christmas season. There are TWELVE DAYS of Christmas…you know the song. Yes, the gaudy decorations are still up at the mall, but the Valentine’s Day displays are being assembled right next to boughs of holly and Santa’s reindeer. And all of the items that espoused to create your… Continue reading Linger in the 12 Days of Christmas