The Book of Longings

“Lord our God, hear my prayer, the prayer of my heart. Bless the largeness inside me, no matter how I fear it. Bless my reed pens and my inks. Bless the words I write. May they be beautiful in your sight. May they be visible to eyes not yet born. When I am dust, sing these words over my bones: she was a voice.”

Ana, The Book of Longings

In The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd, Ana writes this prayer of longing on the incantation bowl her aunt Yaltha has gifted her. “Do you know what an incantation bowl is?” Yaltha asked. “In Alexandria we women pray with them. We write our most secret prayer inside them…Every day we sign the prayer. As we do, we turn the bowl in slow circles and the words wriggle to life and spin off toward heaven.”

Ana’s prayer inspired me to create a SoulCollage® card that echoes the longing of Ana’s heart and my own. The images came first, the words later as I listened with the “ear of my heart” to my own longings. “I am one who…” is a prompt to begin speaking from the heart of the images.

Card name: A prayer of longing

I am one who has a longing. I am the child longing to be seen and heard, to become more of who I am and all who I am meant to be.

I am the woman longing for peace, for boldness, to be more of who I am and all who I am meant to be. I am one who has been nourished by soul friends, anam caras, wise women.  I am one who is sustained by women (and men) who stand their ground, who sit vigil, who encourage, who light the path, who have shown me the way through the forest.

I am one who listens to the Divine within, the voice of Sophia, with a faith ignited and nurtured by women who have gone before and who walk alongside me.

I am the crone longing to return the love and nurturing to those younger than me. May my words and presence be a blessing.

I am trinity of child, woman, and crone; past, present, and future; innocent, rebel and wise. Three in one—Mother, Daughter and Holy Spirit, hear my prayer of longing.

Bless the largeness inside me, no matter how I fear it. Bless the words I write. May they be beautiful in your sight—may I be the voice of peace, light, and hope for those now and not yet born.

IAOW © Jodi Gehr

Ana’s prayer of longing is to have a voice, to be heard and truly listened to. Ana lives during the time of Jesus when women’s stories were not valued or heard….FINISH READING on Being Benedictine >>>

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  1. Thanks for sending this, Jodi. I did read it the other day (night?), but forgot to return to it and comment. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. DUH! This is wonderful, as are all your cards and writings. Your “I AMs” are my I AMs and probably the I AMs of each of our Circle sisters. And of all women who have read and loved Book of Longings. And of most women far and wide who are seekers.

    I love your ponderings and YOU! Katie

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