The Grandeur of God: Beholding and Becoming

Learning and Becoming 

Never have I thought I’ve known it all (well, almost), but I am continually amazed how each new day or experience can bring fresh insights and deeper levels of understanding—in relationship with others, self and God.

How is it that there is so much more to learn? to ponder?! to celebrate? to behold?!  I LOVE this about life! (There aren’t enough happy adjectives and exclamation points to describe how happy it makes me!) I am grateful for this unfolding of time…to experience, to grow, to become more of who I was created to be.

I get this sense of surprise and discovery at spiritual retreats when I hear an idea or perspective I’d never considered; or trying a new strategy in the classroom that helps me connect with students; or seeing the changes in nature from season to season on a country drive; or in the enjoyment of watching my child grow and learn.

I stand in awe of the Creator of all things created and becoming. Continue reading “The Grandeur of God: Beholding and Becoming”

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